New Homes, New Lessons

Our journey Down Under continues to expand the students’ cultural awareness.  At the end of last week, students were assigned to make site visits to various important landmarks in Brisbane.  Each student is working in a group to prepare for final presentations about “Child-rearing and Education”, “Pop Culture and Media”, or “Immigration and Tourism”, and their site visits provided secondary sources and background information.  They have been navigating the new city streets with confidence and curiosity.

Saturday was a free day.  Liza and several students walked along the Brisbane River to a colorful street market:  Davies Market.

Sunday students met with their new Australian homestay families.  Each family greeted the students with enthusiasm and vast experience in showing international students a slice of Australian life.  Many report they may see koalas and kangaroos in their back yards!


Stories, Symbols, and Kangaroos

The group is in full swing now.  Professor Burgess has students exploring the city noticing symbols of Australian stories.  Sunday we had a lovely (and inadvertently adventurous for a few of us) hike outside the city to Mt Cootha.  Aboriginal people used to go to Mt Cootha to collect honey (ku-ta).  Monday we had walking tour through the city highlighting the history of Brisbane.  Yesterday, Wednesday, was an excursion to the koala sanctuary:  Lone Pine.  We traveled to the sanctuary via ferry along the Brisbane River expanding our understanding of the area.  Holding koalas, feeding kangaroos, and petting dingoes along with many other unique species has endeared Australia to us all.

Arrived Down Under

It was a LONG day of travel yesterday, but we have arrived safe, tired, and very excited.  Yesterday we settled into the Youth Hostel Brisbane, stocked up on groceries, and had a lovely walk through the city.  Today promises to be a good day including a hike up “Honeyeaters Track” to the beautiful lookout called Mt Cootha.


Welcome: Orientation 5/13/16

IMG_0185Welcome to our Australia ’16 Blog!  Students, we look forward to meeting as a group on Friday 5/13/16 at 9:00 in MacFarlane 104 for Orientation.   Please remember to bring:

  1. Your laptop
  2. Your passport (or copy of it)
  3. Your CO Intercultural Communication Coursepack and small language textbook

At Orientation we do some group activities, be introduced to the course, receive important travel information, complete some vital paperwork and eat some Vegemite (for the cultural daring!).  Please email me if you have any questions: