Six Termites

Eating six termites will cure an upset stomach.  A boomerang was used to scare birds into nets set up in tall trees.  Lemon myrtle was used to keep bugs away and to season kangaroo meat.  These are just a few of the incredible things we learned today from the Aboriginal people at Ngutana Lui.  The students learned to throw a boomerang, create traditional dot paintings, and heard ancient stories that have carried Aboriginal culture from generation to generation.

Tuesday we got our hands on, quite literally, some of the fantastically unique Australian animals.  We took a cruise boat up the Brisbane River to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.  In class, students learn the many layers that influence our perceptions of the world.  For coursework, they are keeping D.I.E. P1140903 P1150036P1140948P1140911 P1140980 P1140742 P1140780 P1140793 P1140768 P1140827 Continue reading


Getting Grounded Down Under

The students are great sports dealing with the jet-lag!  We have had a full few days since arriving on Saturday:  markets, shopping, money exchange, traversing the Brisbane River, walking tour, and group dinner al fresco! The weather has been warm with a cool breeze–typical autumn weather for Brisbane.

This morning, Professor Burgess got students thinking:  What is communication?  What is culture?  In the afternoon we took the bus up to Mt Cootha to get beautiful views of Brisbane.  We also took our first hike ‘into the bush’! P1140667

World's largest interactive screen at Queenland University of Technology.

World’s largest interactive screen at Queenland University of Technology.

P1140676 P1140704 P1140714 P1140725

Arrived in Brisbane!

Everyone arrived this morning!  After settling into the hostel, some of us took a tour of the grocery store across the way.  Everyone else is resting or exploring until this afternoon when we push through the jet-lag and walk to an open air market!IMG_0239[1] IMG_0245[1] IMG_0266[1] IMG_0268[1]