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Pre-Orientation Reminders

Hi Everyone,

1.  Flights:  See the email I sent on Monday 4/19/15.
2.  Please get your Australian VISA (called an ETA) and send me your “email confirmation”.  It takes only a few mintues to do online.  Have a credit card (cost $20.00) and your passport when you apply using this link.  Apply as a ‘tourist’ (not student)—and use your email to get your confirmation.  You must forward me your confirmation email from ETA.  Here’s the link:
3.  Textbook must be purchased at Bookstore and packed in your suitcase.  It will arrive next week–I’ll email when it comes in.
4.  Call your mobile phone company and inquire about a one-month international plan if you want to use your cell phone in Australia.
5.  Mandatory Orientation for Australia is Friday 5/15/15 (9:30-12:00) in EAB 102.
Email or come by my office ANYTIME for help or just to say g’day!  I look forward to working with you.
Liza B.